Sunday, December 17, 2006

X-RAY energy drink, blue

I actually don't have a photo of this can (yet) as the only one I could find at the store was quite badly damaged. Still, it looks the same as the black X-RAY, only blue (hopefully you figured that out for yourself). It even tastes the same.

In my post about the black X-RAY I said I wouldn't bother with picking their stupid slogan "X-RAY your drink for the taste of strong power" apart.

Well, I lied.

I sent off an e-mail to The Swedish Radiation Protection Authority, SSI inquiring about the effects of x-raying your drink. The reply I got was twofold.

If you mix the drink with a radioactive source - like heavy water used in cooling nuclear plants - the drink will become radioactive and, depending on the strength of the radiation in the source, lethal.

Not a good idea, but then I'm not interpreting the slogan that way (although it very well could be interpreted that way). I read as if they want you to actually x-ray your drink.

That is, in a way, a better idea but not very useful. You see, when you x-ray your drink with a extremely powerful source of radiation three things happen:

  1. You kill all the germs in the drink, sterilizing it.

  2. You raise the temperature with 1 degree Celsius (at the most).

  3. The water turns into hydrogen, oxygen and hydrogen peroxide. As soon as the radiation source is removed the water returns to normal.
In other words, the most you get out of x-raying your drink is that it becomes sterile a short while after the treatment.

Well, better it than you I suppose which most likely could be the case if you drink radioactive water.

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