Sunday, December 10, 2006

Frank's Energizer 300 ml

The Swedish brewery Kopparbergs has an energy drink called Frank's Energizer. The odd thing about this one isn't the taste nor the design - both are quite alright but not especially outstanding.

No, the interesting thing is the size of the can; 300 ml. With the exception of Battery, who uses a standard 330 ml can, this is one of the very few energy drinks with a can that holds more than the "normal" 250 ml.

One of the two other cans that are bigger is the 500 ml version of Frank's Energizer (see this post for info on that) and the alleged Cult version that also contains 500 ml. I say "alleged" because I still haven't seen it.

Here's a comparison shot with both the 300 ml and the 500 ml version of Frank's next to a regular 250 ml can, in this case the Shark Energy Drink.

According to Jaana Bohman at Kopparbergs they choose to go with the bigger cans in order to make an impact, something I would say that they managed to do.

The 300 ml can is no longer being produced - although you can still find it in stores for a while - and is being completely replaced with the 500 ml can.


Anonymous said...

We still have both the 300 ml can and the big 500 ml can in Sweden. The best energydrink i have tasted!

Martin said...

Yes, I've noticed that as well. I'm not sure why Kopparbergs gave me the wrong information but it is kind of moot though as the 500 ml can is a lot cheaper than the small one.

Then again, if you drink 500 ml of energy drink in one go you'll most likely feel a bit funny. :)