Saturday, October 21, 2006

The life of a collector

I'm quite aware that my collection of energy drinks is abysmal, especially when I find lists like this. I mean - the guy has 12 versions of Dark Dog - I have one!

Then again, having a small collection means that there are so many more cans for me to get excited about. A friend of mine (the one that went to Japan) collects "classic" Transformers (IIRC). He only have eight left to collect and then his collection will be complete.

This - on the other hand - provides what I would guess is an even bigger thrill. Chasing after these last, elusive items that completes your collection. I also know what it feels like not having a goal, not having something to fight for and to be honest, I would say that for some collectors the worst day of their lives is when their collection is complete.

My collection will never be complete. Unlike the Transformers toy line where you know that a certain amount of models were produced there's a plethora of energy drinks not only produced in the past but also being produced as I type this.

Good thing I'm the kind of collector that prefers the hunt to the catch. ;)


Erektus is one of the reasons I started collecting energy cans. I mean, just look at it, it's fantastic!

I'm not sure if the guy on the can is the "before" shot or the "after" shot, he looks semi-limp if you ask me. Then again - he also looks like a hunchback Sid Viscous wannabe so I'm not sure if it matters if this is a "before" or "after" shot.

The most common reasons for erectile dysfunction (ED) is long-lasting high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol values and other diseases that damage the blood vessels in the male genitalia.

Other sources also claim that psychological issues such as stress, low self-esteem and depressions can cause ED but this is not a commonly adopted theory.

So don't go downing Erektus instead of talking to your doctor when the trouser snake won't perform.

Erektus is still being manufactured although the design I have is an older one. The can in my collection is manufactured in 1997 which makes it one of the older cans in my collection. I'll have to get the new can as well - being a completionist and all.

The makers of Erektus, Pinelli, of course has a couple of other brands. One of them is Semtex - of which I have the base product - but the most interesting right now have to be the Truck Power drink. Cripes what a horrible design! And I love that it's a "Special Drive Drink".

Oh well, I guess I'll have to to send them an e-mail as well to see if they can hook me up. :)

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Calorie Mate Cocoa

The other can my friend got me from Japan is the Calorie Mate Cocoa - a fantastic name. The design is pretty boring though.

Unlike the VAAM this can has information in english on it and reading the list of ingredients it's quite clear that this is not your typical energy drink:

  • oligosaccharide

  • milk protein

  • corn oil

  • chocholate

  • caramel powder

  • cocoa powder

  • sugar

  • dextrin

  • salt

  • flavors

  • acidifying agent

  • cellulose

  • lecitin

  • potassium chloride

  • magnesium sulfate

  • sodium phosphate

  • potassium phosphate
Yikes! I would love to taste this one.

According to the Calorie Mate home page there are three other flavors besides cocoa; corn, coffee and café au lait. So now I have to get those as well. :)

My personal favorite among the multitude of Calorie Mate products has to be the Calorie Mate space jelly though - despite it not being a can. I have no problems picturing japanese astronauts happily slurping away at this while orbiting earth.


A friend of mine visited Japan some months ago and as instructed he brought back a couple of energy drinks with him. One of those is called VAAM (or V.A.A.M, depending on where on the can you read).

The VAAM homepage offers a lot of information about this drink - all in japanese though so I have no idea what it says. Reading off the can the only information not in japanese is: 3000 mg, 1, 190g, 50kcal, 2.9g, 0, 9.5g, 100mg, 1, 100km, 17, V.A.A.M, 190g, 1-2-10, 0120-262-369 and Not a lot to go on in other words.

The site of the makers of VAAM, Meiji Dairies Corporation, is even more confusing with a giant picture of a zombie baby being spoon fed what looks like a chopped off thumb. Also, you seem to be able to buy academic degrees and cell phones from them, besides VAAM and thumbs that is.

Seriously though, if anyone could help me translate some of the information on the VAAM page (I'm dying to know what "Let'sƒXƒ^ƒfƒBI" means) just post a comment.

I never got to taste this as my friends brother emptied it before I got it (long story). A very nice addition to my collection none the less.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Shark Energy Drink redesign

This is a new design of the Shark Energy Drink that I stumbled upon in my local grocery shop. I have the old can (I'll post about that one later) and the new design is a lot better. The old design wasn't as garish as some of the designs I've seen but is was on the other hand quite bland.

The Shark Energy Drink is also called Shark Cool Bite (screencap from Shark's website) in some areas of the world. I don't have this can so if anyone knows where to get it or can help me get it - please leave a comment.

The makers of Shark, Osotspa, has a number of very interesting and fascinating products that I'm hoping to get my hands on. Some of them are not energy drinks so I won't be able to add them to my collection, but it would be kick ass to have Shark Up - Shark Energy Drink pre-mixed with Slava Vodka - in my collection.

And who can resist a range of products with names like Hang Foreplay and Hang Virgin? :) Plus I really love that design and the fact that they use a mutated dog to market the brand (included in the picture for your benefit).