Thursday, October 19, 2006

Calorie Mate Cocoa

The other can my friend got me from Japan is the Calorie Mate Cocoa - a fantastic name. The design is pretty boring though.

Unlike the VAAM this can has information in english on it and reading the list of ingredients it's quite clear that this is not your typical energy drink:

  • oligosaccharide

  • milk protein

  • corn oil

  • chocholate

  • caramel powder

  • cocoa powder

  • sugar

  • dextrin

  • salt

  • flavors

  • acidifying agent

  • cellulose

  • lecitin

  • potassium chloride

  • magnesium sulfate

  • sodium phosphate

  • potassium phosphate
Yikes! I would love to taste this one.

According to the Calorie Mate home page there are three other flavors besides cocoa; corn, coffee and café au lait. So now I have to get those as well. :)

My personal favorite among the multitude of Calorie Mate products has to be the Calorie Mate space jelly though - despite it not being a can. I have no problems picturing japanese astronauts happily slurping away at this while orbiting earth.

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