Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I really don't have a good angle for this can, a good way to approach it so to say. I tried googling for "pure energy" but only came up with a bunch of training centre and the odd gas/oil company so that didn't do the trick.

I guess I could swing by the product home page and scope out the other products they offer only to find out that they've changed the packaging from the one own, prompting me to look for the new can, but I've done that as well so let's try and find something else.

One thing I haven't done is take a look at the stock info for XL Capital Ltd but I don't understand much of it - except that they seem to be on the rise. Buy?

A music video about "extra large" by a Turkish group has to be a first though.

And what would a comb through of the Internet be without some more or less coherent rambling?

As for the can and drink - nothing XL about it at all...

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Missing updates

I just wanted to inform the few of you that read this blog that there's quite a lot going on in my life now that makes it harder for me to post on a regular basis.

I'll do my best to keep it up but as you've surely noticed by now I am slipping behind. This is not something I'm proud of as I believe in consistent updates once I've committed to a blog but I'm hoping that you'll bear with me for a bit longer.



If you ask Google to define "go" you get a whole bunch of answers. Some well known and some less known. One or two are all but rubbish.

In Sweden "go" is slang/dialectal for "tasty". It's pronounced with a long "o" - as in "goo". The original word in Swedish is "god", also with a long "o" but still not the same way as "good".

So was it then? Tasty, I mean.

Well, it was, if I recall correctly, another Red Bull clone as far as taste goes and theres 320 mg caffeine per liter just as with almost all the rest of the energy drinks.

What I like the most about this can is the design. It's clean, simple and direct without becoming the Euroshopper can. It tells you up front that it's an energy drink that makes you go (presumably to the races).

This is another Starzinger brand of drinks (as are the Bomba cans) but I can't seem to find any links to more information about neither the company nor the drink.

I leave you with the lovely video for "Here it goes again" by "OK Go":