Monday, November 13, 2006


Here's a can that in a way is typical for a lot of the designs and brands that popped up when energy drinks were really popular.

The design is a horrible mess of fonts, colors and shapes. Sure, it stands out from most of the competition but not necessarily in a good way. I mean, yellow and white on light grey? What genius came up with that?

The new can looks better but it's still not great. Nice to see that it's still around - a lot of these brands died off as fast as they popped up.

The image used by Bullit is Leonardo Da Vincis famous Vitruvian man and is often called Canon of proportions as it is said that it illustrates Leonardos interest in proportions.

The name Vitruvian Man comes from the roman architect Vitruvius who's description of the male human body Leonardo based his drawing on.

If you can help me get my hands on a can with the new design - please drop me a line!