Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dark Dog Original

Here's one of my oldest cans, dating back to the late nineties. The can isn't all that pretty but I like the fact that you can sell an energy drink with some sort of mutant rat/dog hybrid on it (maybe Sam was their inspiration). The Flying Dog Brewery is doing almost the same thing with their brand of (very tasty) beers now so I guess it works good enough.

The Dark Dog web site is, as always, a horrible Flash based thing that really doesn't do you any good. The alternative site, DARK DOG CITY isn't much better either although you do get some information about what the Dark Dog money is used to.

They seem to be into sports quite a bit and also safe sex(?) - which I actually think is great. Not that there's an obvious connection between energy drinks and sex (but you'll find it if you keep looking) but any way the general populace is informed about the dangers of unprotected sex the better.

Did you know that a condom protects you against pregnancy 99% of the times you use it and that coitus interruptus (aborted intercourse) protects you about 50% of the times you use it. No need to get anyone pregnant by mistake (or get a disease for that matter).

I have two more cans from Dark Dog line. They also have a 33 cl can as well as a 50cl can that I'll try to get my hands on somehow.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

My wish list

I decided to cook up this wish list as I find more and more cans all over the world that I really would like to add to my collection. This way I can just refer to this list whenever I need to mention what I'm looking for.

I am, as I've mentioned before, willing to pay for shipping and the cost of the can if that is what it takes to get my grubby mitts on the can in question.

The list is ordered in no particular fashion at the moment and Blogspot breaks the code something horrible and I can't fix it. It will look like this for the time being.

ElixaSouth Africa
Toro XLSpain
Shark Cool BiteThailand
MAXXX EnergyAustria

Cult 250 ml

The CULT "energy activator" is one of the few energy drinks that doesn't contain taurine. It also doesn't taste exactly like Red Bull, always a plus in my book (as long as it doesn't taste like Die Blaue Sau).

Looking at the official site for Cult I immediately notice a girl in underwear, lying on a bed. In order to see more of her I have to register and create a profile. Which I do even though she's in the USA and I'm in Sweden.

But the site won't let me tell her that as I can only choose from the United States of America. No steenkin' Eurotrash is allowed (at least not me as I later found a girl from Denmark as well). Still, I send her a "Let's meet up somewhere!" CULT Flirt - perhaps she's willing to travel?

So, the CULT site is more a social/dating site than a product/company site. Which is just as good as some of the company sites I've seen during these "reviews" have been horrible. Still, they do have a menu option that isn't related to partying all night with hot chicks and guys while activating your energy, preferably with CULT.

And whaddayaknow - they have other cans that I must have to complete my collection; the CULT Light (no points for guessing how this one is different) and CULT Fruits (bonus points if you guess how this one differs).

No, it doesn't just taste like fruit, it also contains 70% juice. So, most likely no bonus points to you. Adding juice to a regular energy drink seems to be more and more popular, perhaps this will become a trend?

Another interesting thing about Fruits is that it may or may not taste fresh. Perhaps no-one has tasted it yet or if they have, forgot to inform the marketing department about the amount of fresh that it actually taste.

So, the CULT PARTY TO THE MAXXXTREME site left me longing not only for their new products but also for someone to activate my energy with. Will it be you? Answer to "Come activate my energies".