Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dark Dog Original

Here's one of my oldest cans, dating back to the late nineties. The can isn't all that pretty but I like the fact that you can sell an energy drink with some sort of mutant rat/dog hybrid on it (maybe Sam was their inspiration). The Flying Dog Brewery is doing almost the same thing with their brand of (very tasty) beers now so I guess it works good enough.

The Dark Dog web site is, as always, a horrible Flash based thing that really doesn't do you any good. The alternative site, DARK DOG CITY isn't much better either although you do get some information about what the Dark Dog money is used to.

They seem to be into sports quite a bit and also safe sex(?) - which I actually think is great. Not that there's an obvious connection between energy drinks and sex (but you'll find it if you keep looking) but any way the general populace is informed about the dangers of unprotected sex the better.

Did you know that a condom protects you against pregnancy 99% of the times you use it and that coitus interruptus (aborted intercourse) protects you about 50% of the times you use it. No need to get anyone pregnant by mistake (or get a disease for that matter).

I have two more cans from Dark Dog line. They also have a 33 cl can as well as a 50cl can that I'll try to get my hands on somehow.


Xeorix said...

I got hold of the 50cl can when i was at the french riviera this summer :)
Allo a 50cl version of our common swedish "Burn"

Martin said...

Hi xeorix!

Thanks for your feeedback, it's always interesting to hear where potential additions to the collection can be found. :)

Do you collect as well or did you just stumble upon them?

GuriGuri said...

I actually kept one of these for some time, along with an unopened can of Erectus, wich although not stating it on the can, had clear connotations to being the energy drink equivalent to Viagra.

The two had somewhat the same design, but the dog was replaced with a man and his boner.

Both had expiry dates in -94, and both got drunk during a party in -98. We were all hoping that the aging of the potent drink would give us permanent erections. Alas, it did not.