Saturday, December 16, 2006

Die Blaue Sau

As you can see from the image this design is one of the most out there I have - not only does it feature a flying pig but a blue one to boot.

For my non-German reading readers the name means "The Blue Sow", but I guess that's kinda obvious (apart from the "sow" part - at least I can't spot any telltale signs of gender).

The manufacturer, InDrinks, still has this brand as well as the Blox brand of drinks. The Blox drinks are also available in 500 ml cans which means that the 500 ml Frank's Energizer has more company than I previously thought.

After a short and rudimentary search on Google I discovered a very in-depth paper on pig skin color. I'm not going to pretend that I understood all of it (especially since I stopped reading after two paragraphs) but what's important here is that there are no blue pigs in real life. And now you know too.

There are, however, purple polar bears.

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