Sunday, December 10, 2006

Frank's Energizer 500 ml

Time for big brother to enter the stage! This behemoth of an energy drink really made me look twice when I first saw it as it looks more or less like some sort of beer.

Consuming one of these in one go makes me quite fluttery and my stomach isn't all that pleased but hey, you'll be on your toes forever afterwards.

After talking to Jaana Bohman from Kopparbergs I found out that the name Frank's Energizer is the idea of the CEO of Kopparbergs as Kopperbergs has a vodka called Frank's Vodka.

The reason a beer brewery has a vodka to begin with was in response to a number of foreign liquor distributors that offered cheap vodka to bars and restaurants if they also bought beer from the distributor.

Kopparbergs decided to make their own vodka to compete with the foreign distributors and the owners, in order to honour their late father who died much too young, decided to call it Frank's Vodka. They then named their energy drink in that same spirit (no pun intended).

Jaana also mentions that Kopparbergs sells a lot more Frank's Energizer since they introduced this can. Sounds logical to me, especially since some places sell 500 ml of Frank's for half the price of a 250 ml Red Bull.

One oddity to note is that although the contents of the 300 ml and the 500 ml is identical (they should be after all) the 500 ml can claims that 100 ml contains 220 Kj of energy while the 300 ml can mentions a value of 180 Kj per 100 ml.


Anonymous said...

Man I just drinked this shit and its fkin delicious !

Martin said...

I agree, it's one of the best tasting energy drinks out there.

I don't want to encourage alcohol consumption (too much) but it makes for a great mixer as well - if used in moderate amounts.

Anonymous said...

Hi All
The can in the picture is not Frank's Energizer, it's Frank's Energy & Sports drink.
Frank's Energizer is a 300ml can.
Check under "Övrigt"
An excellent complement to Frank's Vodka or Gin...

Martin said...

TRhanks for your comment and thanks for reading!

If you want to be technical then, yes, the can says "Frank's Energy & Sports Drink" but is the exact same stuff in both the cans.

And if you take a closer look at the 300 ml can it says "Energy & Sports Drink" in fine print below the "Energizer" logo.

So in my book they're the same product. :)

Martin too, no joking. :) said...

Hello, I just found this blog and as you've tasted a lot of energy drinks I just had to say that I share your taste. Frank's Energizer IS delicious!

Martin said...

Hi Martin!

What an excellent name you have. ;)

Thanks for reading and thanks for the comment. This is still my absolute favourite energy drinks and I've taste about 30 more after this one.

Keep checking back, hopefully I'll have time to blog about more drinks soon.