Sunday, January 06, 2008

Euroshopper energy drink

This might look like the blandest of bland as far as cans for energy drink go but I actually like it, although not for it's artistic merits.

You see, I've always been a "form follows function" kind-of-guy and this can embodies that philosophy very well. Now, a can can have any sort of design and still be quite functional but we need to look past the actual "container" functionality of the can and look at it's use as a communications device instead.

There is no doubt about what this can contains. Heck, the word "energy" is even written twice (and perhaps once again in ultraviolet ink or something for, you know, vampires or ghosts).

It also bears the same typical color and layout as the rest of the Euroshopper products so you know it's cheap.

I can understand why there's a plethora of cans that copies Red Bull - both by name and by look - but there's also something refreshing about a can that takes a no-nonsense approach to it's marketing.

Compare this can with the Bullit can and tell me which one you'd pick if you quickly needed to grab a can of energy off the shelf.

I'd grab the Bullit can but I'm special that way.


Anonymous said...

Dude, your doing a nice job collection these "drinks", I love energy drink myself, but ive never thinking about collecting it, i guess you never drink your collected boxes\bottles\cans whatever^^
My fav. so far is X-Ray\X.Ray, been drinking 100s on them and im still an addict. I live in Norway so theres very few drinks here,RedBull and Darkdog is BANNED from our country;( and they dont take in new stuff anymore. cause of Glucuronolacton and Taurin.
Would love to chat to you sometime about these drinks, if you got any recommendations or now where i can get these drinks. send my a mail on : or add me on msn messenger. thanks cya.

Martin said...


Thanks for the comment, always glad to see that someone appreciates my writing. :)

I'm sorry to say that I can't chat to you directly about energy drinks though as my time is split between a billion things. :/

I'll do my best to reply to any comments you leave here though.

Raymond said...

Hey Hey,

I was searching for the "Euro Shopper" online shop if they have one... can't find it if they do!

I'm wondering do you know where could I buy like a case of the energy drink because i lovee it!

I get cans every now and again from the local garage however I would rather just buy a case!

Martin said...
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Martin said...

Hey Raymond!

Thanks for reading and thanks for your comment.

Euroshopper is a low price brand used by many chains in Europe and I'm pretty sure they don't have an online shop of their own to boot.

I bought my can in the ICA chain of stores here in Sweden and if they would've had an online shop you might've been able to buy it there but probably not.

The company making them is Menken Drinks B.V.

The mother company is apparantly Refresco but I think you'll have little success getting anything out of them - they're just too big to care about the little guy.

They do list a contact in the UK though so you should give them a holler to see what they can do for you.

I wish I could help you more but it might be an uphill battle. Can't the local garage help you get a case?

Best of luck and if you do get hold of a case, let me know, ok? :)

Anonymous said...

dont drink that stuff, i drunk this before school and i felt sick and dizzy and really shaky i thought i was going to pass out so i had to go home. But this could be that im allergic/sensitive to something in that product.
i wouldent recomend energy drinks there bad for your health dont have to much caffine.

Martin said...


There sure are numerous reasons to avoid drinking these types of drinks, especially if you are sensitive to the contents (a lot of people are very sensitive to caffeine).

I certainly don't condone drinking these like water or even regular soda - even though soda isn't very good for you either. Last year I actually posted a word of warning about abusing energy drinks.

My recommendation is to drink 1/3 of the can and wait and see if that gets you going. If not, then drink another third, and so on. You seldom need a whole can.

Thanks for reading.

Anonymous said...

me to im going to buy a full case of energy drink every now and again

Martin said...


There's nothing wrong with having them around when you need a quick boost but just dont't get addicted to the stuff.

I've been and it's not a good thing.

Thanks for reading.

Tom said...

Hey, i was wondering how big is the 35p can, cause i havent been to uk for a while, cause im living in finland, where a can is .5L and costs an euro (thats what, 85/90p). i was just wondering if its any cheaper back home or if its a smaller can.

Martin said...

Hi Tom.

I have no idea how big the 35p can is as I live in Sweden. :)

Roger said...

hey tom,
in UK 35p can is of 250 ml

Martin said...

Hi Roger, thanks for helping out. :)

PartyWithMarty said...

Hi everyone as I DJ most weekends I need something that hits the spot energy wise.

We all know that Red Bull is seen as the 'Daddy' of the energy drink clan however I must admit that when Euroshopper came along with the special little 35p can I can now say that it's up there with the best.

Appreciate your comments on the look of the can Martin but it really matters what's in it for me and the taste is much the same, if not better than Red Bull.

Long live simple genuine value for money!

Party On folks...


Martin said...

Hey Marty!

Thanks for checking out my blog and thanks for commenting (I took the liberty of removing your two first comments as they were almost identical to your last).

Well, IMHO there are very few variations in taste when it comes to energy drinks so I mostly only point it out when the taste warrants a mention.

The most important thing to remember though is exactly what you say about Red Bull. There are numerous alternatives that are cheaper and tastes better.

Don't buy Red Bull just because you normally do - try the other brands as well.

Scott A said...

Euro Shopper sells the "Original Energy Drink" in 250ml, 500ml and 1 Litre sizes.

The 250ml is 35p, 500ml being 69p and the 1 Litre is exactly £1.

In terms of taste, it is relatively bland; but irrespective of this, it is one of my favorites - I love it. However, whilst the 250ml and 500ml are served in cans, the 1 Litre portion is served in a bottle - I would not recommend the 1 litre for the fact it does not taste nearly as nice in bottle form than it does in a can.

You do have to be careful when drinking energy drinks, however, as they can become addictive; I would recommend consuming no more than 500ml per day, considering its caffeine levels.

Also, for you, blog owner - you should check out Home Bargains here in the UK. Every few weeks, they have new brands of energy drink cans available at 500ml for very affordable prices.