Sunday, February 04, 2007

Red Power

Here's a can that does what a lot of brands before it does; include "Red" in the name in order to leech off of Red Bulls presence. At least it doesn't try to copy the name more or less straight off like some other brands did (more on those in another update).

One thing that puzzles me is that all the text on the can is in Spanish and Portuguese (if I read it correctly) but it's manufactured by a German company and it was bought in Sweden. How's that for international? And sloppy logistics for that matter.

The company still has the brand (as a motor oil of all the wierd things you can cross over to) with the energy drink that once was Red Power now re branded to TECHNO. Other brands of energy drinks they have is Swiss Power and Free Hemp that, according to the can, does indeed contain hemp.

It's going to be interesting to bring that one into Sweden. Speaking of the motherland, all you swedes should take a look at their Swedish section of the site. Could use a proof reader. A Swedish proof reader preferably.

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