Saturday, October 21, 2006

The life of a collector

I'm quite aware that my collection of energy drinks is abysmal, especially when I find lists like this. I mean - the guy has 12 versions of Dark Dog - I have one!

Then again, having a small collection means that there are so many more cans for me to get excited about. A friend of mine (the one that went to Japan) collects "classic" Transformers (IIRC). He only have eight left to collect and then his collection will be complete.

This - on the other hand - provides what I would guess is an even bigger thrill. Chasing after these last, elusive items that completes your collection. I also know what it feels like not having a goal, not having something to fight for and to be honest, I would say that for some collectors the worst day of their lives is when their collection is complete.

My collection will never be complete. Unlike the Transformers toy line where you know that a certain amount of models were produced there's a plethora of energy drinks not only produced in the past but also being produced as I type this.

Good thing I'm the kind of collector that prefers the hunt to the catch. ;)

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