Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Shark Energy Drink redesign

This is a new design of the Shark Energy Drink that I stumbled upon in my local grocery shop. I have the old can (I'll post about that one later) and the new design is a lot better. The old design wasn't as garish as some of the designs I've seen but is was on the other hand quite bland.

The Shark Energy Drink is also called Shark Cool Bite (screencap from Shark's website) in some areas of the world. I don't have this can so if anyone knows where to get it or can help me get it - please leave a comment.

The makers of Shark, Osotspa, has a number of very interesting and fascinating products that I'm hoping to get my hands on. Some of them are not energy drinks so I won't be able to add them to my collection, but it would be kick ass to have Shark Up - Shark Energy Drink pre-mixed with Slava Vodka - in my collection.

And who can resist a range of products with names like Hang Foreplay and Hang Virgin? :) Plus I really love that design and the fact that they use a mutated dog to market the brand (included in the picture for your benefit).

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Fred said...


Have you got your hands on the OSOTSPA products you where looking for?

(i see you have been posting this a while ago)

If not, i might be able to help you out. If you send us your email adress to:


I´ll see what i can do to get you some samples.

We are the Representatives of SHARK in Spain & Portugal.

Thanks for your intrest in Osotspa and SHARK products.