Thursday, October 19, 2006


A friend of mine visited Japan some months ago and as instructed he brought back a couple of energy drinks with him. One of those is called VAAM (or V.A.A.M, depending on where on the can you read).

The VAAM homepage offers a lot of information about this drink - all in japanese though so I have no idea what it says. Reading off the can the only information not in japanese is: 3000 mg, 1, 190g, 50kcal, 2.9g, 0, 9.5g, 100mg, 1, 100km, 17, V.A.A.M, 190g, 1-2-10, 0120-262-369 and Not a lot to go on in other words.

The site of the makers of VAAM, Meiji Dairies Corporation, is even more confusing with a giant picture of a zombie baby being spoon fed what looks like a chopped off thumb. Also, you seem to be able to buy academic degrees and cell phones from them, besides VAAM and thumbs that is.

Seriously though, if anyone could help me translate some of the information on the VAAM page (I'm dying to know what "Let'sƒXƒ^ƒfƒBI" means) just post a comment.

I never got to taste this as my friends brother emptied it before I got it (long story). A very nice addition to my collection none the less.


Janet said...

hi check this web page about VAAM


Martin said...

Hi Janet.

Thanks for reading my blog and thanks for the link - great information! :)