Saturday, December 01, 2007


For my comeback I thought I'd start out gently with a can I found at the Swedish airport Landvetter; V.

I've been tinkering with the setup for photographing the cans and although I'm not 100% pleased the new shots are still a lot better than the old ones. The slow pace of this process is one of several reasons to why I've been absent, by the way.

So, what about the can? Well, it originates from New Zealand and Australia where it was introduced in the late nineties, like so many other energy drinks. According to the marketing text on the can it "turned the energy drink market up side down". This begs the question; since this was introduced "down under" - is it a good thing to turn the market "up side down"?

It contains the regular ingredients of caffeine and guarana but has no taurine. Add three essential vitamins - B3, B5 and B6 - and you have a complete meal.

Now, the letter V is at least to me not symbolic with an inverted energy drink or even V for Vendetta but with the TV-series V. I was eleven or twelve years old when it aired here in Sweden and I loved it!

It had action, drama, suspense and even a bit of horror thrown in. I still remember running into my younger brothers room when I saw Diana eat a whole hamster (or some other sort of rodent) for the first time. From that moment on I never watched it alone again.

I watched it again some ten years ago and it wasn't as good as I remembered it (shock!) although it was a fun trip down the dwindling and obstructed path that I call memory lane.

The can is quite nice, despite being somewhat messy. I credit this to the sensible use of shades of green. I'm not sure why they used such an "80's video game" font for the V but it works so I'm not really complaining.

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