Sunday, December 16, 2007

Speed in

Another can I got in Hungary. This means that all of the information on the can is in Hungarian - which I actually knew a tiny bit of some odd 15 years ago but has since forgotten so I can only understand "Tutti-Frutti" and "Koffein".

The Speed in website is Hungarian-only as well but when I discovered the "Partynaptár" button I focused on the "Party" part and clicked away, filled with confidence that I'd be in for a good time. Unfortunately the Speed in party crawled to a halt in 2006. Bummer.

The "Letöltés" button contains a couple of not too shabby desktops (although some are less well done).

And that's about it for the Speed in website.

As for the can - not very impressive. Colors aren't all that bad but the design is messy and confusing. I like how they point out that the drink is 100% legal but no matter how hard I looked I didn't find any illegal drinks in Hungary so I'm not sure if that informaiton will sell more or less cans compared with other brands.

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