Saturday, December 29, 2007

Bomba! - Sugarfree

The well-behaved sister to the original Bomba! although I personally don't think the sugar is the culprit in these drinks. I'm not saying that you should ignore how much sugar you ingest but if your excess sugar intake comes from energy drinks then you probably have other issues to worry about.

As mentioned in my post about the bad-boy Bomba! this can looks a lot nicer, mostly because they replace the Mini with a star. The white background is also easier on the eye.

According to the can Bomba! is produced in Austria - as a lot of other drinks - by Starzinger but when googling for their site I got a Bomba! specific site instead. The Bomba! brand apparently became quite successful so my guess is that they decided to branch it off.

As you can see from their product assortment they're not kidding around with the "Bomb!" name either. Also notable is the fact that my two cans differ quite a bit from the design shown here. I have contacted Bomba! to see if my design is the older one (most likely).

If we compare the nutrient facts of these two drinks then there's really not much of a difference until we come to carbohydrates, of course, where the original Bomba! has 11.7g per 100g and the sugar free version 0g. As for actual energy, something you would think there should be a lot of in an energy drink, the original sports 215 Kjoule while the pristine one only has 21 Kjoule - ten times less!

My initial comments aside, this is quite a difference and illustrates quite nicely what a difference sugar will make when it comes to the amount of energy we digest. The drawback of energy from sugar is that it's "empty" and is gone very quickly after you ingest it.

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