Saturday, January 03, 2009


There are numerous reasons to name an energy drink after a well known explosive. It contains a lot of energy, it makes your body explode into action and it taste like a weird mix of dangerous chemicals.

In this case there's another reason for this particular drink to be named the way it is - it is made in the Czech Republic. To put that into perspective I should probably tell you that the explosive was invented by the Czechoslovakian scientist Stanislav Brebera in the 1950's. The name Semtex comes from SemtĂ­n, a suburb in the Czech Republic where the mixture was first manufactured.

The fact that the can has blood splatter as part of its design is either a sign that the manufacturer, Pinelli, has a very twisted sense of humor or simply no clue at all. I'm hoping that it's the former but suspecting that it's the latter.

I like the design of the can - partly because of the blood splatter. It's clean, simple and stands out enough in the crowd. I've tried to translate the text "nealko roku" with various web based translators but without any luck. If you know what it means, please post a comment.

In addition to the standard Semtex there's the Semtex Forte that contains extra glucuronolactone which of course makes it a billion times better than the ordinary Semtex and a gazillion times better than any other energy drink that's out there!

I've been in contact with Pinelli before about getting hold of the rest of their products but they have so far ignored my e-mails (perhaps they're readers of this blog?) If there's anyone in the Czech Republic reading this, feel free to get back to me about getting hold of some cans. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

"nealko roku '95" means non-alcoholic drink of the year '95

Martin said...

Thank you very much for the translation. :)

Brad Edwards said...

Is this blog still running?

Martin said...

Hi Brad.

Not really, no. I've been meaning to pick it up again but time is hard to come by.

I really did like to write these posts though so maybe I just have to squeeze in one post a month.